Rivers of Life Center collaborates with cities and counties in Oregon and enhancement, beautification, and developments that showcase nature through the efforts of our at-risk-youth


Rivers of Life Center is a North-West nonprofit training and education organization for at-risk youth and young adults. We train and employ youth in environmental landscaping and enhancement projects. We train and provide experiences in tourism guiding and hosting. Participants pursue career paths serving natural resources, the land, and are capable presenters and interpreters in their communities. Through our efforts, youth and young adults are propelled to serve as informed and involved citizens, helping to build their communities.


The Oregon SenateAires and Rivers Of Life Center join forces to give people unique riverboat history tour.

Tourism guiding and hosting


Environmental Landscaping and Construction

Building Community

Jerry Herrmann has spent this summer training another group of young men, giving them life skills and leadership opportunities in order to make them more appealing to employers

History & Heritage

Did you ever wonder who McLoughlin Blvd. was named after? Did you know that it was the first intercontinental highway in America?

Cultural History Tours

Over 30 people joined Rivers of Life Center’s Youth Tourism Corps for an overview of Oregon City natural and cultural history as they walked from the McLoughlin House south to Willamette Falls….

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Riverhealth Stewardship Grant: Rivers of Life Center

Riverhealth Stewardship Grant: Rivers of Life Center

The Rivers of Life Center was awarded a Riverhealth Stewardship grant to employ 30 at-risk youth to conduct restoration along sections of Phillips and Stevens Creeks, and install a native plant demonstration garden. Rivers of Life partner with Eagle Landing Golf Course, Eagle Loft Condominiums, and New Hope Community Church.

In Spite of the Virus, People are Making a Difference

In Spite of the Virus, People are Making a Difference

(Far Left) Aidan McNiece, (Left) Jerry Miller, (Middle) Didi Dahlsrud, (Right) Roger FowlerWith all the focus on the virus and attendant complications, it’s good to know that people are still at work, enhancing nature while simultaneously building themselves a better...

Westside Christian High School

Westside Christian High School

Westside Christian High School, located in Tigard’s historic core, has its founding roots in the Tualatin Basin and West Slope region and is now host to state championship and nationally recognized music, art and performing art endeavors. They are the legacy of...