Our Passion-Our Mission for Youth

History, Tourism, and the Environment

Our Passion-Our Mission for Youth: “History, Tourism, and the Environment”

Rivers of Life Center is a North-West nonprofit training and education organization for at-risk youth and young adults. We train and employ youth in environmental landscaping and enhancement projects. We train and provide experiences in tourism guiding and hosting. Participants pursue career paths serving natural resources, the land, and are capable presenters and interpreters in their communities. Through our efforts, youth and young adults are propelled to serve as informed and involved citizens, helping to build their communities.

Our Mantra, as presented by our youth:
“Smell the earth, taste the rain, touch the wind”

Our “Youth in Tourism” presenters speaking to the public

“Their youth clean up the land, make it beautiful and then are trained to be real tour guides and hosts as they present their stories to their communities.” – Oregon State Representative Bill Kennemere (Retired)